• Sophie Whitehead

Baking Epiphany Pies with Stanley Kubrick

While walking around Holland Park on a Bank Holiday afternoon, I strived to keep a hold of my epiphanal feelings after spending three plus hours in the Stanley Kubrick Exhibition. A culmination of everything was tumbling and sliding through a magical funnel right into my head, showing me everything I was capable of.

Earlier that day, I’d walked into the Design Museum with a sense I would encounter something awesome. After my ticket was scanned I walked into just that. The entrance immersed me in a montage of Kubrick's films and part of the score from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Wow! I had feels right there and that was just the first two minutes!

As I made my way through the exhibition I relished absorbing the journey the director took for each of his films. From excruciating research, to the eye pleasing order of rough storyboarding and the transition to 3D models, profound soundtracks and live acting. This mixture of ingredients spoke to me in various ways and, like the perfect recipe - baked itself for me in one glorious inspirational pie with a golden gleaming crust.

This pie lasted a good couple of hours after leaving the exhibition, first with a coffee and my notebook, and then walking around the park. Knowing this feeling would end, like all ethereal things, I accepted that reality would seep in soon enough. At least I had given myself time to write down my thoughts and to savour all the feelings the epiphany had given me. It’s sad when the feeling goes but I just had to remember how I felt, and why I felt it.

My how and why was just this: I was fascinated by the process of the huge conception of a film or immersive experience, and with the documentation of it, and how it all evolves. Though not quite exactly at the time, I know now that it related to this project and all the things I could incorporate into it, not to mention what I could potentially create from all my other ideas!

The growth of something amazing starts in your imagination and can be propelled by external experiences. I will never quite get over how an idea can go from floating in that intangible space to becoming a living breathing thing that can be seen and experienced! You might get yours from other things or other places, but if you love Stanley Kubrick's films, the exhibition is a beautiful experience you will not want to miss.

What’s your how and why?

What’s your epiphany pie?

One of David Bowman's iconic scenes, captured with felt tip pen and biro ink

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